SurfShark Review

Surfshark, one of the newest VPNs to throw itself into the VPN arena, which was founded only in 2018! Lately it started making  some noise, mainly because of its SUPER bold claims. Just to name a few : 

  • 14 Netflix libraries
  • Kill Switch
  • Unlimited devices(!)

Lets dive into Surfshark(cliche!) and see if they can support their claims!




  • Very fast local download speeds
  • Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer & more
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections/devices
  • Strong logging policy & no IP, DNS, WebRTC leaks
  • Unrestricted torrenting
  • Superb price
  • You cant see latency/ping of the servers
  • If you are using Linux, needs some manual configuration

Works with

Available on

Price From

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Sky, SlingTV, Torrenting, Kodi



Speed was fairly good, but didnt blow our minds away either. On a 100mbit homeline, we were able to get around 70 Mbit out of it when using the said VPN. While 70 Mbit is still perfectly fine for streaming and/or torrenting, a 30% loss is…well… a 30% loss.


SurfShark really wants to bite the competition, and thus has one of the most competing price of the market! With a price of just 1.99$ per month when getting the 24 months plan, its basically a steal! Our guess is they try to claim very aggressively a good share of the pie on the very competitive VPN market, which actually works in your favor(the consumer)

Customer Support:

SurfShark offers 24/7 support via live chat and email. it also has an extensive FAQ page, with common errors/problems and how to resolve them.

Torrenting :

SurfShark not only is a great choice for torrenting, they even advertise themselves asa great torrenting VPN service”

On top of that, according to SurfShark, they achieve this with this method:

“You can get top-notch P2P speeds while using our servers in:
United States,(US)
United Kingdom, (UK)
Germany, (DE)
Italy, (IT)
Poland, (PL)
Spain, (IS)
Norway, (NO)
Denmark, (DK)
Luxembourg, (LU)
Hong Kong, (HK)
Netherlands (NL)
Bulgaria (BG)
Belgium (BE)
Switzerland (CH)
Slovakia (SK)
Serbia (RS)

You may also use P2P on any other server, but you will be rerouted to our servers located in Netherlands Canada or United States depending on your physical location.

No additional set up needs to be done in our applications to safely connect to P2P servers, because your both P2P and normal traffic are already protected.

P2P connections include streaming players like Ace Player, VLC or PopcornTime, as well as torrent software like BitTorrent, qBitTorrent, Transmission, Vuze or uTorrent.”

Number of Servers:

800+ servers in 50+ locations. If you take into consideration that its a fairly new VPN, having 800+ servers is quite impressive (they will need to expand soon though if they keep boarding more and more people, otherwise speeds will start clogging!)

Mobile Compatibility:

SurfShark supports both iOS and Android devices

Number of Devices:

UNLIMITED simultaneous connections on multiple devices are allowed! This is the only VPN provider that offers this till today!

Logging Policy:

As per SurfShark claims :

“We go the extra mile to ensure your internet usage is secure and private:

  • We strictly never collect logs. What you do online is your business – not ours, or anyone else’s. 
  • We protect all your traffic with industry-leading AES-256-GCM encryption.
  • We use advanced and secure protocols in all our apps – like OpenVPN and IKEv2.
  • We ensure that your traffic doesn’t suffer from IP, WebRTC, and DNS leaks
  • We use Camouflage Mode, which is always on automatically, to make your traffic look usual so that even your Internet Service Provider doesn’t know you use a VPN

If you’re not big on technology, in basic English this simply means that we employ the very best security to protect your private information from anyone who might have an interest in it.”

You can also pay with BitCoin as an option, in case you want to increase your anonymity.

Ease of Use:

SursSharks‘ desktop VPN apps are simple to use,look beautiful and simple, yet professional. Also, the Chrome and Firefox browser extension makes it super easy and simple, even for the most novice user.

Unblocking Stream Services:

SurfShark successfully unblocks all streaming services we tested(Netflix Hulu, and iBBC player). On top of that, it also bypasses The Great Wall of China(needs some manual work though, you can find it on their support center or a live agent can guide you though it!)

Refund Policy:

30-day money-back guarantee

Get a full refund within 30 days. Even if you’re 100% satisfied. That’s a promise.

. You dont like it for any reason within 30 days, you simply talk to them in chat and get your money back.

In a glance:

– No Logs, No Leaks, Kill Switch

– 24/7 Chat Support, via live chat/email

– User friendly GUI & Easy Installation, Browser Extensions(chrome/firefox)

-800+ servers to choose from

-Unblocks Netflix,Hulu and iBBC Player, China Firewall

– Very cheap price(aggresive marketing)

-30 day money-back guarantee for any reason.

—> OVERALL: Get it while their marketing is still going wild!We cant see them maintaining this on-boarding price forever!

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