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One day, we were looking for ourselves to get a VPN provider, just to find out that almost every review site we were coming across, was using either misleading or they were SO loaded that the pressure to BUY it was real. So, we decided to make something different : Instead of do”just another review site to farm affiliate links”, to use a different approach : We will write things “as-is”, in simple AND low word count way! We personally didnt need to read 20 pages of mumbo jumbo to see if the X VPN unlocks netflix or it leaks our IP. Rather than this, we will present you all the info you need, on a single A4 paper with an easy to understand rating system 🙂 And if you appreciate our work and effort and decide to get the VPN we reviews though our affiliate link, its a win-win situation and thank you in advance for that!


We hope that you will share our vision and support our effort! We aim to be the no1 place for everyday people like you, to get informed about the latest news about VPN companies, their pricing among with their real cons and pros! 

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