How do we make money?

We earn an affiliate commission if you purchase certain services via our site.

If you choose to buy a certain VPN from our site(by clicking our links)you will be redirected to the specific VPN via our unique affiliate link. That means, that the VPN company credits us that specific sale back to us, and gives us a small compensation for it. It costs absolutely NOTHING extra to you, and on top of that in some cases you will enjoy further discounts and/or offers because of it!

You may wonder now, how on earth then those reviews are unbiased? I mean we make money at the end, no? True, we MIGHT make some money on the long run, but the competition is so fierce on the reviews site that in order for us to distinguish ourselves from the rest, we decided to take this hard road and let no amount of money to guide our ratings and decisions! It may sound controversial, but sometimes those crazy ideas are the ones that work! Consider it our personal bet 🙂

End of the day, running a site needs time, dedication and support. We thank you personally each one of you for allowing us to serve you like this!


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