How We Rate

We own different dedicated servers all over the Globe : From USA and Sweden to UK and Netherlands. For each VPN we review, we follow this procedure :

  1. Purchasing the VPN service, anonymously. There is no point telling them who we are beforehand! We dont want the VIP experience, we want YOUR experience!
  2. Download and install the VPN setup
  3. Check how smooth the installation works. Is everything running as it should outside of the box?
  4. Install the VPN on all our servers, and via run various speedtests with different server locations provided from the VPN company
  5. Does it protect your privacy? Are there any IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks?
  6. Try to stream Netflix/Hulu/iBBC player. Does it work? Is buffering ok?
  7. Testing torrent download speeds, from
  8. Contact support/live chat. Are they friendly? Can they help us?

All those things create a unique score for each VPN, so you can rest assured that we do all the hard work for you!

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