CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost claims to be fast and secure for almost all areas of use, and especially for Europe . With over 5900+ servers in 90+ countries you simply cant miss it. Lets move along with our extensive review!



  • Exceptionally fast Overall speeds
  • Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer & more
  • Safe, fast & unrestricted torrenting/P2P
  • Strong logging policy & no IP, DNS, WebRTC leaks
  • User-friendly apps for PC, Mac, iOS, & Android
  • Great server network across with 5900+ servers in 90 countries
  • VPN protocoll needs to be manually set sometimes (minor problem)
  • Dedicated IP kind of expensive
  • No ESPN+

Works with

Available on

Price From

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Sky, SlingTV, P2P/Torrenting, Kodi



Ghost will without doubt match any VPN service out there. It has an impressive speed especially when you connect to same country servers. We decided to put a Swedish 1gbit line and excessively test it within different time frames. Results were impressive:From low 200Mbps in high-traffic times(friday-saturday-sunday nights) to 500Mbps in low load times(early morning times), its definately one of the fastest VPNs we tried our hands on!


CyberGhost runs a great offer that goes as los as 2.75$./month when buying 3 years in advance.

 Customer Support:

Very competent and nice support staff. 24/7 Live chat with minimal waiting. When we contacted them to test the refund option, it took less than 48h for our money to return in our account!



Torrenting with CyberGhost is a bit tricky. While it allows torrenting, it doesnt allow it on its USA and Australian servers. So while for european users that is not a big issue, it might affect you if you are an Aussie/American(you could still do it though a European server of course)

Number of servers:

CyberGhost has 5900+ servers in 90+ countries. 


 Mobile Compability:

CyberGhost is supported on both Android and iOS


Number of devices:

5 simultaneous devices are supported


Logging Policy:

CyberGhost claims they have a non logging policy. They only keep whats needed for the service to keep running. If servers gets seized nothing personal is stored on them. No RTC/IP/DNS leaks.


Ease of Use:

CyberGhost probably has one of the easiest software to use. You can just click a button to connect or tweak many options. The options are well explained and the interface is beautiful and simple!


Unblocking stream Services:

 CyberGhost easily unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC, IPlayer, Sky, HBO

Refund Policy:

CyberGhost offers two different refund policies. 

CyberGhost has a 45 days, no questions asked, refund policy for our 6 months or greater subscriptions. This ensures that no mistake purchases are made and aims to help with situations like customers not being able to use our services (for example when your ISP is blocking VPN connections).

NOTE: Monthly subscriptions have a 14 days money-back guarantee.


In a glance:

– No Logs, No Leaks and Kill Switch

– 24/7 Live Chat Support

– User friendly GUI & Easy Installation

— 5900+ servers to choose from

— Unblocks Netflix, BBC, Amazon Prime, Hulu, IPlayer, Sky and HBO

— 14/45 days refund policy

—> OVERALL: Good choice for Europe and streaming, not so good for American and Australians looking to torrent locally

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